RELEVANT DISCORD is my labor of love! Creating songs and stories that connect, relate, and/or inspire has been the catalyst keeping this music alive. Like many other artists, RELEVANT DISCORD operates outside the major label system. The work and financing of new projects is often intense and falls squarely in-house. It is for these realities and more that new music and events are sometimes less frequent than desired. Simply put, it takes time and resources to make everything happen. Nevertheless, I have no plans of giving up! I have too many stories waiting to be told. There are many songs yet to be sung, and others still being written!


If RELEVANT DISCORD music and/or events have been meaningful to you or someone you know...if you're someone who knows the power of a story...or if you're just a lover of music, I would like to personally invite you to make a donation of whatever amount makes sense to you. It all matters. It's all significant.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and those on the team!

- Nick Depew