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Forward Thinking

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Hello regret
What is it you want to say
With saddest stories
Of all your fading yesterdays?
Please don’t try to
Deter me from becoming more than what you can see
Please don’t label
Abandoned hope as the wisdom of uncertainty

You and I tend to view things through opposing lenses
Sights we see are deemed beautiful or merely worthless
Left unchecked, you’re a detriment to all I stand for
Simply said, I won’t fit your mold of forward thinking

Dear apathy
Have you something new to sell
Beyond blurred vision
And excuses you feed yourself?
Please don’t invite me
To buy in to your vagrant sense of adversity
Please don’t forget this
This sweet sound of sedition that I am offering

You and I are indelible in thought and action
Exploits speak what is focus or just inhibition
Still, your words are disposable when paired with reason
Simply said, I won’t be your voice of forward thinking

Forward thinking
Forward thinking
Forward thinking
Please stop speaking!

Please forgive me, if I have overstepped my boundaries
I’m sorry that things did not seem to work out for you

But I have seen; I have felt, and I must become something
I won’t be what you settled for with forward thinking
Now, please don’t take this the wrong way but could you keep silent
All you speak is a currency so long devalued
For if I fail, at least I can say I tried to matter
I won’t be the new product of your forward thinking